14 gifts to stitch for the one you love

The day of love is fast approaching. Whether you stitch a project for special someone in your life, a family member or a friend we wanted to share 14 of our favourite kits and charts for Valentine stitching inspiration.

1 Love Heart Cross Stitch Kit

Love Heart Cross Stitch Kit

The Love Heart cross stitch kit by Kim Anderson for Bothy Threads is an all time favourite kit. Small flowers stitched into the shape of a heart make a pretty gift to give to the one you love.

2 Bruno’s Valentine Heart Cross Stitch Kit


Stitch your love for the recipient like this little bear is painting it, with Bruno’s Valentine cross stitch kit from Luca-S.

3 Love Blossoms Cross Stitch Kit

Love Blossoms Cross Stitch Kit

Another customer favourite, again by Kim Anderson for Bothy Threads, is the Love Blossoms cross stitch kit. This kit would not only make a gorgeous valentines gift but also a Wedding or anniversary gift.

4 Love Cross Stitch Kit 

Love Cross Stitch Kit

This little cross stitch kit is a lovely little gift to give to someone special. It could be turned into a keyring,  hung on a dressing table or worn as a necklace.

5 All You Need Is Love Cross Stitch Kit

All You Need Is Love

I really love this kit. It would make a wonderful framed gift for a friend or significant other. The recipient will get all warm and tingly with this typographic gift.

6 Love Tree Cross Stitch Kit

Love Tree Cross Stitch Kit

You can see a trend here, can’t you!? We can see why you love this range by Kim Anderson. The Love Tree cross stitch kit is no exception to a fantastic range that is so popular.

7 Let Love Be Your Guide Chartpack

Let Love Be Your Guide

Lizzie*Kate has created a beautiful message for your valentine. Let Love be Your Guide chart pack can be stitched up quickly with only five threads needed.

8 Bouquet of Love Cross Stitch Kit

Bouquet of Love

Bouquet of Love is a kit from DMC. The floral patterns stitched into the shape of a heart make a beautiful project for that certain someone special in your life.

9 Love Heart Cross Stitch Kit

Love Heart Cross Stitch Kit

Riverdrift Studio has this Love Heart cross stitch kit which would suit being framed and given to someone special. Different from other kits we have shown you, it uses motifs around the negative space of the heart. Don’t you adore it?

10 Love Bug Cross Stitch Kit

Love Bug

Have you got the Love Bug? We do! This quick to stitch kit makes a precious gift for the love of your life.

11 With Love Card Cross Stitch Kit

With Love Card

Stitch a card for the one you love. The kit from Heritage Crafts contains a two-fold card and everything you need to stitch it. Enclose a personalised message and you have the best Valentine’s card one could receive.

12 Always and Forever Cross Stitch Kit

Always and Forever

Give your significant other the Always and Forever kit to show your love this Valentine’s day. You could stitch it for them or give it to them to stitch for themselves.

13 DMC Pink Ribbon – Pink Lilies

Pink Lilies

Why give flowers when you can stitch them so they last forever! The Pink Lilies kit not only makes a thoughtful gift, it also raises money for the Pink Ribbon Foundation.

14 Valentine Bear Cross Stitch Hot Water Bottle – Free Chart

Valentine Bear

We wanted to give you a little something too. Our Valentine’s gift to you is a free Valentine Bear cross stitch chart with instructions to stitch it into a hot water bottle.  Keep the one you love warm with this handmade gift and plenty of cuddles.

We hope you enjoy stitching these charts and whatever you are doing on the day of love, we hope you have a loving day.


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