12 Glistening Water Scenes You’ll Want To Stitch

There is something quite peaceful about being by the water. The sound of the waves breaking or the trickle of a stream. It’s the same feeling one gets from the therapeutic art of cross stitch.

Combine stitching and water together and you end up with a stunning scenic picture. Below are our twelve favourite waterside scenes give us a sence of calm and awe.

1 Snow White Discovers the Cottage

Snow White Discovers the Cottage

Snow White is an all time favourite film. You can discover the magic of the film with Thomas Kinkade’s illustration of the Disney classic. The iconic and idyllic landscapes are a joy to stitch.

2. London Cross Stitch Kit

London Cross Stitch

The river Thames image is arguably one of the most iconic river images in the world. It is instantly recognisable. Stitched with major London landmarks this kit is an awesome tribute to the UK’s capital.

3 Rock Pool Cross Stitch Kit

Rock Pool cross stitch kit

Evoking fond memories of seaside holiday’s as a child, this cross stitch kit depicts children wading through rock pools with boats anchored in the background.

4 Bayside Cottage

Bayside Cottage

I can just imagine sitting on the decking outside this cute cottage, working on a piece of cross stitch while watching the boats go by. You can think of that while you’re stitching this piece.

5 Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden Cross Stitch Kit

Stood in a traditional Japenese garden, this Geisha shields herself from the sun with her umbrella. She looks every so stern doesn’t she, or perhaps she is just contemplating the beauty of where she is. This would be a cross stitch to admire coming together over the months of stitching.

6 Lakeside village

Lakeside Village

I don’t know exactly where this is set, but it looks like a picturesque mountain village in northern Europe somewhere. It looks so tranquil. I particularly love the detail of the shutters on the windows.

7 Waterways


A traditional English countryside piece, narrow boats are a way of life for many. You will see them dotted throughout canals in rural villages. The cottage with the thatched roof is gorgeous too.

8 Cafe By the Sea

Café by the Sea Cross Stitch Kit

Step out of this quaint gift shop into the sweet-smelling sea air of our quiet cove. Stroll across the street for a bite to eat at the Bay Inn, or just take a leisurely walk along the waterfront. Stitched on 14-count white Aida, this delightful scene uses a wonderful blend of full and half cross stitches to achieve its realistic look.

9 Morning on the Coast

Morning on the coast

This looks like an Italian villa. That house is outstanding, with its grand pillars leading into the house and steps down to the lake where your boat will be waiting to take you out for a sail. We can dream!

10 Venise in Colours

Venice in Colours

We couldn’t have our favourite waterside scenes without including a kit that shows Venice. With its endless waterways and its traditional Italian buildings, it is a sight to be seen (and stitched).

11 Mountain retreat

Mountain Retreat

A log cabin sat by a river with wildlife surrounding you, sounds like bliss to me! You can just imagine how warm they are inside with an open fire as they have smoke coming out of the chimney. I hope they have a cup of hot chocolate too.

12 Holiday Venice

Holiday Venice

I believe this is meant to be a winter/ Christmas kit. However, it can be stitched throughout the year as it doesn’t look too festive, apart from the odd trickle of snow. The colour of the buildings looks like fairy lights too!

What are your favourite waterside scenes to stitch? We’d love to see your WIPs or finished charts. Send us pictures by commenting below or tagging us on social using #SewandSo

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