10 Essentials For Poolside Crafting

Like many of you, I am currently waiting to go off on my holiday. I don’t like to just sit by the pool doing nothing, so I always bring a good book, but it got me wondering, what crafts can I bring with me?

Here, I have my top 10 products and accessories that are perfect for a holiday. While arm knitting or Supersize projects may not be ideal, there is plenty to keep those crafty hands going while you sit back and enjoy the holiday sun.

Thread Cutter

1 Vintage DMC Thread Cutter

This thread cutter if perfect for on-the-go crafting. It is a pendant so you can attach it so something accessible such as a keychain on your beach bag or your necklace and you will be able to cut your thread easily without the need to carry scissors. Not only is it handy and practical it is also stylish with a beautiful antique finish.

2 Nancy Nicholson Embroidery Kits

Nancy NicholsonNot only are the Nancy Nicholson kits totally gorgeous, they are also really great for holiday because you don’t have to have a separate chart. The design is pre-printed onto the fabric. This will avoid accidents such as your chart escaping in the wind and ending up in the pool. Major disaster!

They are also not that big, the kit above is 25 x 25 cm so you can just pop it in your beach bag. The added bonus with these kits is that they come with a little printed calico bag. You can store all your items in there when you are not working on it and if you finish the kit you can always embroider onto the bag too!

Caron Cake3 Caron Cake

Caron Cakes, while large are actually really handy for holiday for a number of reasons. You only have 1 ball of yarn but lots of different colours. This means you don’t have to carry around multiple balls of yarn for your project. It has a centre pull, so you can place the ball on your lounger, table or in your bag and just knit or crochet the day away. The final reason why Caron Cakes are so great for holiday is that they have a free pattern printed right on the label. This reduces the number of materials you have to bring out with you.

4 Bumble Bee Appliqué Sewing Kit with Contents

This adorable sewing kit has stunning bee embellishments on the front. It contains a seam ripper, scissors, tape measure, 3 safety pins, 6 shirt buttons, 12 reels of thread, thimble, 5 needles. It is also a really pretty case and won’t look out of place in your beach bag. Whether you are a crocheter, cross-stitcher, embroiderer or sewer, this case will be perfect for all your essentials.

5 DMC Plastic Floss Bobbins with Metal RingDMC Plastic Floss Bobbins with Metal Ring

If you are going to bring a cross stitch kit on holiday with you, it is always worth being prepared and organising your skeins before you go. Wrap your skeins onto bobbins keep them together with this handy metal ring. You can attach this to your key ring or zip in your bag so that it doesn’t get lost. Then all you have to do is sit back get the skein you need, cut a length with your thread cutter and away you go!

6 Summer Summer Days Cross Stitch KitDays Cross Stitch Kit 

You may think that taking a cross stitch kit on holiday with you isn’t the best idea. Holding a large chart, while managing threads and a needle is a lot to contend with. But fear not! We have the perfect solution. The Summer Days cross stitch kit is perfect because it is on pre-printed Aida. This takes away the need for a chart. It does come with a stitch diagram and instructions, so it isn’t completely freehand. But I think pre-printed Aida will make all the difference.

With so much time to relax on holiday, you will be able to get quite a bit of stitching done (When you’re not enjoying the local surroundings of course!)

7 Decorative Designs Colouring BookDecorative Designs Colouring Book

If you are like me, flying can make me a little nervous. I worry about the turbulence you see. I like to have something to do while on the plane. This is where colouring comes in handy. Most airlines won’t let you take craft products such as knitting needles and crochet hooks in your carry-on luggage, but Colouring pencils are okay. Colouring is very calming and so colouring while flying, eases my mind and cultivates my inner calm.

You can also colour while say on your deck chair, using your surroundings as inspiration when choosing your colours.

8 Notion Craft Bag (Matt PVC)Notion Craft Bag

Of course, with all this craft, you are going to need something to put it in. The Notion Craft Bag is stylish and practical. It is large enough for your craft supplies as well as your beach essentials. This bag has a many storage pockets on the front which will hold loads!


Black Foldi LED Lamp9 Black Foldi LED Daylight Lamp

When the heat is getting too much by the pool you can always head inside for a bit of stitching time. Hotel lights usually aren’t great. So this portable lamp is perfect. The LED Foldi™ Lamp features 30 eye-popping Daylight LEDs to give you comfortable glare-free full-spectrum light. Foldi™ will give up to 8 hours of bright white light on batteries and unlimited light once USB connected to your laptop, making it the ideal travel & office lamp.

NOTE: This product requires a 240v supply and therefore is only suitable in countries with a 240 Volts Mains Electricity Supply.

Hoops10 Hoops! 

If you are planning on doing any stitching on holiday hoops are a must! Plan what you are taking and which hoops you will need before you go. Taking more than one kit with you? Try and get a hoop that will work with both kits to save on space!



I always like to bring a craft project with me on holiday, it helps me unwind. But a slight disclaimer. If you are bringing craft supplies with you, check with your airline which supplies you can bring in your hand luggage. You don’t want your needles taken off you at security leaving you unable to craft while away.

No matter if you are stitching abroad or in the UK we hope you have a wonderful summer. Have you stitched while on holiday? We’d love to see your pictures. Comment below or tag us on social using #SewandSo





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