10 Cross Stitch Kits to Gift For Mother’s Day

Stitchy gifts are perfect for Mother’s Day. If your Mum loves to cross stitch, giving her a gift she will enjoy and be able to work on for the next year is perfect.

As it’s Mother’s Day we thought it would be nice to show some of our favourite Mum and baby cross stitch kits. Plus a fun one at the end!

1 First Kiss

First Kiss

This completely gorgeous kit is designed by Hannah Dale. The First Kiss is adorable and the little calf looks as if he has just been born.

2  Mother and Child

Mother and Child

This gorgeous kit from Luca-S depicts a Mother comforting her child. This would be a lovely kit for a new mother perhaps.


3 Dictionary of Mums

A dictionary of Mums

For a funny take on Mother’s Day, the Dictionary of Mums is perfect. Showing a mum in her many roles such as ‘minimum’ and ‘supermum’ it would definitely put a smile on her face. This is a kit you could stitch for her or give her to stitch for herself.

4 Mother and Colt

Mother and Colt

For a horse lover, this sweet kit shows an embrace between a horse and her foal. Doesn’t the mother horse have the most beautiful mane?

5 Mother’s Day Card

Mother's Day Card

There is still time to stitch a card for Mother’s day this year. Stitch this beautiful card for her and she can treasure it for years to come.

6 Baby Hugs

Baby Hugs

Perfect for a new mum this sketch style cross stitch kit is so sweet. It looks like the baby has just had her bath time and is clinging onto her favourite teddy bear ready for bed time.

7 Faerie Mother

Faerie Mother

For a Mum who loves fantasy this mother fairy is magical. The wreaths in their hair and flowing ribbon are wonderful. You can personalise this kit too. It is traditionally a birth sampler so this could be the perfect gift for a mum-to-be.

8 Mother & Baby

Mother & Baby

This Beyonce-esque woman looks like a magical warrior fairy holding onto her newborn baby who will go on to do great things! The colours in this kit are stunning.

9 Mother and Child

Mother and Child

Created in a photographic style this mother and newborn baby kit is lovely. Capturing a tender moment where a mother gently holds her baby while they sleep.

10 Bubbly


And finally, something for a bit of fun. This kit is from the artist Beryl Cook. Those women look to be having great fun!


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