10 Birth Samplers to Coo Over

Birth samplers are particularly exciting because they are being made for a new little baby. This could be a son, daughter, a niece or a nephew, Grandchild or even Great Grandchild and that is a real joy.

We wanted to share some of our all-time favourite birth samplers with you. There are cards, baby feet and kits that can be customised to add that personal touch.


1 Baby Boy Card Embroidery Kit

Baby Boy Card Embroidery Kit

Many people keep the cards they receive when their baby is born as a keepsake to look back on. This card would be an extra special card to keep. It can be stitched quickly if the recipients aren’t going to find out the sex of the baby. Are they having a baby girl? We have a card for that too.

2 Baby Bears Birth Sampler Cross Stitch Kit

Baby Bears Birth Sampler Cross Stitch Kit

These playful baby bears are very cute. The border on the kit means that it is perfect to be framed and it can be customised with the babies name, date of birth and birth weight.

3 Baby Chick Boy Cross Stitch Kit

Baby Chick Boy Cross Stitch

The kit above is one for new parents. A keepsake to enjoy making while pregnant and in the coming months after when you can personalise it. It can be hung proudly in the nursery and enjoyed for years to come.

4 Baby Feet Cross Stitch Kit

Baby Feet CRoss Stitch Kit

Unlike the other kits in this list, this one is a photograph style chart. How sweet are those little toes!


5 Baby Shower Birth Sampler Cross Stitch Kit

Baby Shower Birth Sampler Cross Stitch KIt

All of the new baby’s toys are coming to celebrate the new arrival in this adorable kit from Verveco. The best part about birth samplers is that the majority of them can be personalised. This one is no exception.

6 Baby Blocks Cross Stitch Kit

Baby Blocks Cross Stitch Kit

What is so lovely about this birth sampler is that it is gender neutral. You can get it as soon as you know about a pregnancy and enjoy stitching it through the months and personalise it upon the birth of the baby. There is no worrying about the sex of the baby if it is being kept as a surprise.

7 Baby Footprints Birth Announcement Cross Stitch Kit

Baby Footprints Birth Announcement Cross Stitch Kit

Babies feet are so scrummy, so this sampler is a must to stitch. You could also personalise for a boy or a girl by changing the pink thread for blue or a ‘gender neutral colour’ such as green or yellow.

8 Love Baby Girl Cross Stitch Kit

Love Baby Girl Cross Stitch Kit

This is one of my favourite birth samplers. It is by Kim Anderson for Bothy Threads. Her kits are a customer favourite too and it is easy to see why. All the little doodles on the tree are so sweet, it’d look gorgeous stitched up and framed.


9 Baby Friends Birth Record Cross Stitch Kit

Baby Friends Birth Record Cross Stitch Kit

A more traditional birth sampler here by Dimensions. With traditional toys such as the duck on wheels, this sampler is just perfect.

10 Baby Drawers Birth Record Cross Stitch Kit

Baby Drawers Birth Record Cross Stitch Kit

Another gender neutral kit which has caught our eye. Teddy bears, building blocks and more hanging out of drawers.  There is so much to look at and that is why we love it.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at these kits as much as I have enjoyed writing about them. I wish I had someone to stitch one of them for now!

If you are expecting or know someone who is, then send us pics of your stitched birth samplers. We’d love to see your favourites. Tag us on social using #SewandSo


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