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Whether you’ve left your Christmas present shopping until the last minute or you’re looking for budget friendly alternatives, we have scoured the web in search of 10 DIY Christmas Gifts to craft this year. With exactly a week to go, there’s plenty of time to get stuck into a crafty DIY project and the gift of handmade is that extra bit special!

DIY Wool Felt Ball Coasters

Craft these colourful coasters in no time with some cork coasters, glue and a selection of tiny felt balls. Perfect for any family member or friend, this is a super simple, unique and colorful addition to any space.
DIY Christmas Gifts

DIY Chalkboard Mug

This chalky mug masterpiece is a great one for all ages, after all who doesn’t love a personalised mug! Quick, simple and purse friendly, these chalkboard mugs require limited materials and time. The perfect little gift!

 DIY Christmas Gifts

DIY Sewing Kit 

This DIY sewing kit is one of the most simple yet practical gifts you can give. With a built in pin-cushion on the lid, it is perfect for storing all of those extra bobbins, pins and needles.  Great as an overflow sewing kit for avid crafters or as an accessible go-to sewing kit for smaller projects.

DIY Christmas Gifts

DIY Handwarmers

In the bleak mid winter, a little cosy goes a long, long way! All you need is a stash of fat quarters, (or some pretty scraps of fabric), fabric scissors, pinking sheers, a sewing machine and some rice.

DIY Christmas Gifts

DIY Gold Leaf Paper Mache Bowls

Gold leaf and polka dots are a winning combination so this is a DIY project I am desperate to try! It’s so practical and pretty! Using simple paper mache and luxurious gold leaf, you can impress with these classic and contemporary bowls below.

DIY Christmas Gifts

Gingerbread Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrubs make a great homemade remedy for dry skin, especially during the cold winter months and these adorable little gingerbread men are the cutest ones yet! And the best thing is that most of the ingredients will already be sat in your kitchen cupboard.

DIY Christmas Gifts

DIY Layered Candle

These DIY layered candles not only look great but they also smell delicious and are wonderfully fun to make. As the candles burn, the wonderful scent of peppermint, balsam or frankincense wafts through the air!

DIY Christmas Gifts

DIY iPad Case

Made from fuzzy felt, this DIY iPad case is sew easy to craft and fun to make. You can also have fun making a matching phone case, laptop case or even a glasses case! Why not have a go at making one in fuzzy red felt with white buttons for a truly festive feel.

DIY Christmas Gifts

Wood Slice Magnets

Working the rustic trend, these woodland silhouettes on wood slices provide the perfect last minute Christmas gift for anyone special.  All you need to do it stick a small magnet on the back and Voila! You could even make a make a matching set of coasters to complete the look.

DIY Christmas Gifts

DIY Lump of Coal

This is a great one for the joker of the family or those friends with a fun sense of humor and also come complete with a free printable label. It is of course the yummy kind of coal, made with rice krispies!

DIY Christmas Gifts

Nothing beats the gift of handmade so don’t fret about leaving it until the last minute! Have fun crafting these top DIY Christmas gifts. Let us know if you have any other top last minute Christmas makes – we’d love to see them!

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