10 Beach Scenes to Bring on The Summer

 The sun has been teasing us as of late. Coming out for a few days, then disappearing and making way for the rain. We are hoping to entice it back out by stitching beach scenes.

Here are my favourite beach scenes on my stitching wishlist.

1 Beach Babies

Beach Babies

This is my favourite beach scene and is on the top of my to-do list. I love how intently these little girls are looking at the sign, perhaps wondering what they can make to win the contest.

2 Beach Chairs

Beach Chairs

This looks like a tropical paradise doesn’t it? The colours of the chairs stand out against the palm tree leaves and the sea in the background looks beautiful. I’d very much like to be on that beach right now!

3 Beach Hut Fun

Beach Hut Fun

There’s nothing quite as British as a beach hut is there?! Rows of different coloured huts, with deckchairs running along the promenade. I was always envious of those who had one when I was younger. I wanted to live in one all summer long. This would be a great kit to stitch and hang in your hut!

4 Beach Huts

Beach Huts 1

This beautiful kit from Michael Powel looks like an old market town by the beach, like Whitstable. I love this kit, despite the amount of backstitch in it!!

5 More Beach Huts!

Beach Huts

I told you I liked beach huts, didn’t I! This gorgeous kit from Bothy Threads has been adapted from paintings by Janet Bell. The love the bold block colours in this kit. There will be no confetti stitches here.

6 Beach Romance

Beach Romance

This would make an extra special gift for a couple who are getting married on the beach. This wedding sampler is something they could treasure for years to come.

7 Beach Walkies

Beach Walkies small

Perfect for any dog lovers who live by the sea, this kit from Bothy Threads is so much fun. The dogs are playing with a frisbee surrounded by shells, crabs, starfish and seaweed. They look like they are having a whale of a time.

8 Girl at the Beach

Girl at the Beach

This traditional style kit from Dimensions shows a little girl hanging onto her hat in the sea breeze. She looks like she has been collecting shells along the shore. It reminds me of my own childhood holidays to the seaside.

9 Peaceful Shores

Peaceful Shores

This kit would be wonderful to stitch. The scene, depicting a lighthouse on the sand dunes, is glorious. To me, this looks like a beach in America. This one is second on my list of kits to stitch.

10 Seashell Treasures

Seashell Treasures

As if tossed up by the surf onto a sandy beach, these precious treasures delight the eye. The seashell confection is worked on 18 count ivory Aida with cotton thread. Half Cross Stitch is used to create subtle shading.

Which beach scenes will you still to help entice the sun back out? Let us know by commenting below and tagging us on social using #SewandSo


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