10 Alternative Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin

Halloween is just around the corner and there are some spooktacular ideas to help you create the best pumpkin display yet! We’ve scoured the web for the prettiest pumpkins we could find… so put your carving tools away, here are 10 alternative ways to decorate a pumpkin this year, for those with a stash of craft supplies to spare.

All Strung Up

How lovely is this pumpkin string art found on the crafty blog by Lines Across?  This easy technique is achieved by gently hammering 1 inch nails into a shape of your choice, and wrapping them up in embroidery thread. Simple, but so effective.

Alternative ways to decorate a pumpkin

Sparkle & Shine

Forget lighting up a carved pumpkin with a simple tea light – decorating with sequins is much more fun! All you need is a packet of sequins and some glue – we found this wonderful striped sequin creation on Indulgy.

Alternative Ways to decorate your pumpkin

Curly Yarn Rosettes

This is an intricate centerpiece-worthy pumpkin and a great design to use up all of that leftover yarn! Arm yourself with a glue gun and yarn scraps to pretty up a pumpkin with these simple spiral rosettes, you can find the complete tutorial on Real Coake

Alternative Ways to decorate your pumpkin

Light up the night

With no candles to worry about or batteries to burn out, this glow in the dark pumpkin is one of my favourites! Easy to use and super effective, glow in the dark paint is also great for children – just watch their face when it gets dark!

Alternative Ways to decorate your pumpkin

Pearly Perfection

Add a bit of bling to your home this Halloween by adorning your pumpkin in some pretty pearls like this one found on hoosier homemade. All you need is a hot glue gun to stick a string of pearls in place there you have it – the perfect feature pumpkin!

 Alternative Ways to decorate your pumpkin

Embroidered Pumpkins

How lovely are these cross stitched pumpkins? You don’t need to stick with cross stitch – any simple embroidered design would work and help you to achieve this ultra modern pumpkin delight. All you need is a pumpkin, some yarn, a needle, push pin and a drill! Find the complete tutorial on Blog a la cart.

Alternative Ways to decorate your pumpkin

 Cute as a button

This is a lovely way to use up old buttons! All you need for this pumpkin transformation is a pumpkin, some glue, a jar of black buttons, and a stylish bow. Write a spooky message or simply decorate with a collection of buttons, before finishing off with a pretty bow! We found this lovely creation on Her Campus.

 Alternative Ways to decorate your pumpkin

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Allow your decorated pumpkin to shine bright by covering it in self-adhesive craft store rhinestones, or sparkly studded gems. For a cheaper alternative you can also use drawing pins or gold split pins arranged in rows! We found this little gem on the Good Housekeeping blog.

Alternative Ways to decorate your pumpkin





Dip Dyed Delight

I will definitely be giving this one a go this year – the sparkly dip dyed pumpkin! Found on the blog, ps heart this gorgeous decorating idea might be a little messy but oh so worth it! All it takes is paint, glitter, glue and a little creativity.

Alternative Ways to decorate your pumpkin

Yarn Bombing

Found on Free People, this technique might be one of the simplest but looks awesome on smaller-sized pumpkins! All you need is some multi-colored yarn, a pumpkin and a hot glue gun to secure the ends. Ta da!

Alternative Ways to decorate your pumpkin

How will you be decorating your pumpkin this year? Do you have any other creative ideas? We’d love to see them if you do. Send us your creations on twitter #sewandso. Happy Halloween!


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