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Every year at the end of January, like every keen crafter, my thoughts turn to handcrafted Valentines card ideas, and what I can make for my lovely and long-suffering husband! In the past I have flattered him with felt, cuddled him with cross stitch, and sewn him my affection, but this year, thanks to the amazing and inspiring work of artist Yulia Brodskaya, I have totally and utterly fallen in love with quilling!


Valentine's card ideas
This creation by Yulia Brodskaya kick started my love affair with quilling

Although Yulia’s creations are exquisitely detailed and a little ambitious for a quilling newbie like myself, I was surprised to find the technique itself is actually fairly simple and with the right tools and equipment the process is easy, quick and hugely enjoyable. The craft is particularly well suited to Valentines card ideas, as hearts and flowers are the most common motifs you can create, along with spirals, scrolls and other decorative effects.


Valentine's card ideas
Another of Yulia’s works that has inspired my Valentines card ideas this year

Quilling Basics

Quilling requires some basic equipment including a quilling tool to wind the paper around, and some pre-cut quilling paper, as well as PVA craft glue and a pair of paper scissors. All you do is wind the paper around the tool to create different shapes and glue these down onto your card. As a total newcomer to the craft, I found a quilling board really helpful, as it helps you create precise shapes with ease. This deluxe (oooh!) quilling board and tool was everything I could wish for and helped me get creative straight away!

Valentine's card ideas – quilling board

The basic shapes you can make are shown in the image below, shared from, and the quilling board helps you with these as well as lots of more intricate shapes.



Valentines Card Ideas Using Quilling

The ways in which you can use quilling in a card design are almost endless! Hearts can be created easily by curling in both ends of the strip into spirals and pinching in the centre. I love this simple yet stylish quilled hearts card from Martha Stewart.

Valentine's card ideas

Or, you can make up a heart out of spirals in various romantic shades, such as this striking card from

Valentine's card ideas

Or how about a romantic bouquet of flowers using hearts for flowers, oval shapes for leaves and a lovely paper gift bow, like this design from Paper Daisy Card Design?

Valentine's card ideas

Or try something more comical and quirky, such as this cute glasses design from Sweet Spot Cards.

Valentine's card ideas

Finally, if you want to get into some advanced techniques, give the fringed paper a try (you can fringe your own with a fringing tool, but the pre-fringed paper is a massive time-saver!). This can create some stunning effects on flower motifs in particular, such as these on this beautiful card from Quilled Creations.

Valentines card ideas

Valentine's card ideas – quilling paper
Quilling paper comes in two sorts, fringed and unfringed – try out the effects of both!

So, whether you go for something simple or have ambitions to become as talented as the amazing Yulia Brodskaya, I just know you’re going to fall as head over heels in love with quilling as I have, and your Valentines card ideas will be transformed forever more – I know mine will! Happy Valentines card making to you all!

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