Turning and Stuffing Toys Tutorial with Mariska Vos-Bolman

Some toy designs have narrow pieces that can be difficult to work with, like the arms of this dragon from Sew Cute To Cuddle. Join us for a quick lesson with Mariska Vos-Bolman who will show you a clever trick for turning and stuffing toys…

Turning narrow, long body pieces, such as arms, legs and tails, right side out once they are stitched can be very time consuming, but there is a trick to make this a little easier. Take a long stick – a chopstick is ideal – and put it at the stitched end of the sewn part. Now push the fabric over the stick with your hand.

Turning and stuffing toysStuffing narrow, long pieces is also a little tricky but a chopstick will make the task a bit easier: put small pieces of stuffing in the opening and push them in with the chopstick.

Watch Mariska’s video tutorial to learn more about making toys, as she demonstrates how to turn a narrow piece and gives tips for stuffing toys too:

Sew Cute To CuddleSo now it’s time to grab a pattern and try this technique for stuffing toys for yourself! Get your copy of Mariska’s book, Sew Cute To Cuddle, or download the PDF eBook, to have a go at one of her adorable designs! If you love making toys, check out our free toy sewing patterns eBook or browse our favourite stuffed animal patterns too.

Are you a pro when it comes to stuffing toys? Have you made any of the projects from Sew Cute To Cuddle? Leave a comment or post photos of your handmade toys on our Facebook page!

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