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While we were browsing the Knitting & Stitching show recently we saw something that really caught our eye. Temari Balls. We wanted to find out all about these little balls of wonder and so contacted Naho of Temaricious to find out more.


What was your first toy in your memory? For me, it was a monchicchi doll! I was so proud of a futon blanket that my grandma handsaw for him. For many Japanese children in the past, Temari balls had been their first toy.

Temari BallsMothers made them with available materials found around home, such as leftover threads and rice husks. It was a toy and craft of ordinary people. Temari is made by wrapping rice husks with a paper, then it was wound with threads to make a round ball. Finally, traditional and meaningful patterns were stitched with mother’s wishes such as healthy growth, long life etc. Filled up with mother’s love, Temari ball were a happy memory of childhood. Nowadays, Temari is forgotten by children but has remained as traditional craft and patterns have been elaborated. Temari can decorate homes or can be a special gift for special events such as a wedding, Christmas or other family ceremonies.

As the festive season is approaching, how about taking up Temari and decorate your tree or room and start a new tradition? We think it would be a brilliant idea to make a Temari ball each year stitching a pattern that symbolises the year or your wish for the coming year and talk about it with your loved ones around the tree.

It looks complicated but, remember, it used to be made by many mothers using simple materials. If you cannot find rice husks, dry up some used tea leaves or dried herbs, instead, and wind it with Temaricious naturally dyed threads or any threads you have at home.

Temari natural yarnTemaricious

Take a look our beginner-friendly video of how to make Temari on the Temaricious YouTube channel and make your first Temari Christmas bauble!!

estelleriffont@gmail.com(Temaricious YouTube channel has fantastic tutorials for making Temari balls)

Temaricious dyes thread with natural materials and making Temari balls to pass this warm tradition to next generations and across the world.

Happy stitching winter and hope your wishes come true!

Head over to the Temaricious website for more information on this fascinating craft and check out the Termaricious Instagram page too, it’s pretty special.

Have you made Temari balls before? Send us your pictures on Social media using #SewandSo


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