Tamar Nahir-Yanai’s Illustrations Come to Life in Embroidery

Illustrator, embroidery artist and mother of two, Tamar Nahir-Yanai has some of the most endearing and adorable embroidery designs around. Her illustrations transfer into embroidery kits perfectly and her dreamy style is instantly recognisable.

Tamar’s illustrations are quite romantic, like a fairy tale and this is probably why these kits appeal so much to woman and young girls. They have a nostalgic value, which resonates in people, bringing you back to childhood dreams.

Follow your Heart Embroidery Kit Spring Girl Embroidery KitGirl with Red Dress Embroidery Kit

Aren’t these the sweetest embroidery kits you have ever seen? You can see why she is a children’s book illustrator.

On her website, Tamar explains “My works are topically naïve, dreamy, yet they always evoke a deep internal emotion.
Embroidery embodies my illustration perfectly, going into the smallest of details and enriching it with another dimension of style and depth.
Instead of drawing with watercolors or pencils, I use needle and thread“.

Nature Girl Cross Stitch Kit

Tamar takes inspiration from small everyday moments that make her smile, such as an encounter between her cat and a small child or leaves falling from a tree.

These kits, I think, will appeal to young mums or grandparents who want to embroider a pretty design to put in a baby or child’s bedroom. These kits are designed to be displayed and framed in their hoops. You can embellish your hoop with pretty ribbon like shown and decorative paper around the outside of the hoop.

As well as drawing little girls and boys, Tamar also has a love of illustrating floral patterns and greenery. This can be seen in her Winter Fairy kit. These are drawn in a whimsical way that isn’t overly complicated. It adds that little something extra to the design wouldn’t you agree?

The simplicity of these kits is, in part, what makes them so appealing. You can finish one of these kits in an evening or two, which gives you near-instant gratification.

Tamar has also transformed her illustrations into cross stitch kits. Her illustrations are printed onto the Aida. Stitchers can then stitch detail over the top while still being able to see Tamar’s design behind.

Tamar Nahir-Yanai

Tamar wrote the following on her website “I love seeing my art come to life in embroidery, and take great joy in seeing other embroiderers take my illustrations and make them into something uniquely of their own“.

Home Sweet Home Embroidery Kit My Private Kingdom Embroidery Kit

It’s hard not to fall in love with these kits. I want to stitch them all for my niece and then stitch them all again for friends that have little girls. These kits don’t include a hoop, so make sure you pick one up in store.

We would love to see your stitched kits and find out where you have displayed them in your home. Send us pictures by commenting below, or tag us on social media using #SewandSo


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