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Looking for the perfect toy to make as a gift for a loved one – or perhaps just to treat yourself? Don’t miss our handy guide to finding the perfect stuffed animal patterns…

Here at Stitch Craft Create we love making toys, and there’s always a new animal to make! But the choice is so huge that we wanted to make it as easy as possible to find what you’re looking for – so have a browse down this page and check out some of our favourite stuffed animal patterns:

Fun Of The FairNew stuffed animal patterns

Melly & Me are well-known for their fun and characterful stuffed animal patterns. Designer Melanie McNeice has written numerous books on the subject and her latest, Fun Of The Fair, features designs inspired by the fairground. Inside you’ll find a candy-coloured carousel horse, a smiley lion, some clever seals, an adorable elephant family and a pair of mischievous monkeys.

Melanie always explains techniques really clearly, and the five stuffed animal patterns in this small book all have coloured illustrations to accompany the instructions. The designs are all simple enough for a beginner to have a go at, and you can personalise them by choosing different colours and fabrics.

Fun Of The Fair Fun Of The Fair Fun Of The Fair Fun Of The Fair





Jen and Cyn took a closer look inside Fun Of The Fair – watch the video to find out more:

Other stuffed animal patterns

If you have a specific animal in mind, it’s not as difficult as you might think to find the perfect pattern. Don’t miss these other fantastic books, which are packed with stuffed animal patterns to make:

Sew Cute To CuddleSew Cute To Cuddle by Mariska Vos-Bolman

The stuffed animal patterns inside Sew Cute To Cuddle include: Daron the Dragon, Mary the Hippo, Brody the Dog, Kitty the Cat, Joey the Bear, Missy the Koala, Tyler the Tiger, Wooksy the Owl and Patrick the Monkey.

Mariska Vos-Bolman Sew Cute To CuddleSew Cute To CuddleMariska Vos-Bolman Sew Cute To CuddleSewn Toy Tales





Sewn Toy Tales by Melly & Me

The stuffed animal patterns inside Sewn Toy Tales include: Gerbera the Giraffe, Polly the Pig, Alexander the Caterpillar, Lou-Lou the Panda, Preston the Lion, Pearl the Zebra, Darcy the Dinosaur, Mabelle the Mouse and Finnegan the Frog.

Sewn Toy Tales Sewn Toy Tales Sewn Toy Tales





Pick up your copy of Fun Of The Fair, Sew Cute To Cuddle or Sewn Toy Tales today, or visit our Download Store for a selection of downloadable stuffed animal patterns.

Which of our stuffed animal patterns will you make first? Do you have a favourite design? Comment below or share photos of your handmade toys with us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and in our Project Gallery.

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