How to Make | Springtime Rosettes

Use these paper rosettes to decorate your Easter gifts or to reward the best egg hunter. They have a handy folded card on the front for a message.

You Will Need:

  • Heavyweight patterned paper
  • Cream card
  • Easter-themed stickers
  • String

Springtime Rosettes

Here’s how to make the springtime rosettes…

1. Cut a rectangle measuring 20cm x 10cm (8in x 4in) from the patterned paper. Using a bone folder, score lines across the 20cm length at 1cm (?in) intervals, working from top to bottom.

2. Carefully fold each scored line in alternate directions to give you a concertina-folded piece of paper. Measure to the middle point (5cm/2in), fold in half and tie a piece of string around the centre to secure.

3. Bring the top and bottom edges together at each side to make a circle, and staple the edges together.

4. Fold a piece of cream card in half to write your Easter message inside. Embellish the front of the card with an Easter-themed sticker then carefully cut around the outline of the sticker, taking care not to cut through the folded edge. Glue to the centre of your rosette.

5. To form the rosette tails cut a strip of card measuring 20cm x 2cm (8in x ¾in). Fold in half at a slight angle, and trim the ends into points. Glue onto the back of the rosette.

This project has been excerpted from, 101 Ways to Stitch Craft Create for all Occasions.


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