Ruth Clemens Royal Baby Cupcakes

Ruth Clemens, author of The Pink Whisk Guide to Cake Making, sent us instructions for making her GORGEOUS Royal Baby Cupcakes! These cupcakes look fantastic and are quite simple to make – perfect for a Royal Baby party to celebrate the birth of the Prince of Cambridge!

Ruth Clemens Royal Baby Cupcake Design







You will need:

  • Circular fluted cutter; 6.5cm and 3.5cm
  • Round straight edged cutters; 3cm and 1.5cm
  • Small star plunger cutter
  • Sugarpaste: blue
  • Florists or gumpaste; blue and white
  • Dust colours; blue
  • Black writing icing pen
  • Edible glue
  • Basic cake decorating equipment


Making your Royal Baby Cupcakes

Ruth Clemens Royal Baby cupcake collection

1. Roll out the blue sugarpaste to a thickness of 3mm and cut out a round fluted circle to fit the top of your Royal Baby cupcakes.  Lightly dust a plate or spare cake card with a little icing sugar and set the circles on it to dry.

2. Roll out the white gumpaste to a thickness of 1-2mm and cut out a 3.5cm fluted circle and a small star.

3. Take the 1.5cm round cutter and towards the top of the fluted circle cut out the hole in the bib.

4. Gently squeeze the sides of the bib to create a slightly oval shape.

5. Roll out the blue gumpaste to a thickness of 1-2mm and cut out a straight 3cm circle. Position the 1.5cm cutter and cut away at the very top of the circle.

6. Set all the pieces to one side to dry for 1-2 hours.

7. Once the pieces have firmed dust the edges of the cupcake topper and the coloured portion of the bib in the corresponding colour dust using a large soft paintbrush.

8. Secure the coloured portion of the bib to the white piece using a little edible glue and glue a white star in position.

9. Position the bib onto the base circle again securing with a little edible glue.

10. Add the text to the topper using the fine end of the black edible pen. Then add the finished topper to the top of your Royal Baby cupcakes!


Ruth Clemens pink cupcakes designs for baby girlsThese gorgeous blue baby cupcake designs would also be perfect for celebrating the birth of a boy in your own family, or for a friend. You could also easily swap the blue sugarpaste and gumpaste for pink to make cupcakes for a baby girl.

Happy Baking!





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