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My Rag DollYou will instantly fall in love with the sweet dolls in this gorgeous new book, My Rag Doll. Packed with cute clothing and accessories for your handmade doll, these patterns will charm and delight children and adults alike! The simple step-by-step instructions make it so easy to create a pretty rag doll, that you’ll want to start straight away!

If you’ve ever wanted to sew a rag doll, the designs in this new book are sure to inspire you. Using one basic pattern, you can adapt the hair, facial details and clothing to make your own unique doll!

My rag DollChoose from 11 adorable dolls with different outfits and accessories (and their own personalities!) to sew. Make a pretty ballerina leotard and tutu, a stylish raincoat, a fancy fairy costume, a kimono, some dungarees, and even a wedding dress and veil for the Bride Doll. There’s a dressing gown and teddy for the Bedtime Doll and a sweet pinafore and mini knitting bag for the Floral Doll too.

By using the pattern pieces in different sizes, you can create dolls at any scale! There are instructions for a couple of slightly smaller dolls included in the book (the Ballerina doll and the Little Fairy doll), so you can experiment with different sizes. There are so many clothing patterns to choose from that you can really personalise your own doll with your fabric choices. You can mix and match the outfits too, to create something truly original.

My rag Doll

This book is so pretty, just flicking through the pages you fall in love with the dolls and the different personalities they take on, depending on the clothing they are wearing. You can make a doll that is unique to you or the person you are making the doll for.

What is really nice is that all the dolls are made from the same pattern. It is only the facial expressions and the hair colour that changes. So once you have made one, making another one should be really easy! Perhaps you have sons, daughters or grandchildren you would like to make one each for.

Pick up your copy of My Rag Doll today – or download one of the doll patterns individually!

My Rag DollHave you made any rag dolls or your own dolls’ clothes? Leave a comment or post photos of your handmade dolls, sewn toys and clothes on our Facebook page – or share them in our brand new Project Gallery!

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8 thoughts on “My Rag Doll | Adorable Dolls to Sew

  1. Hi
    We are a fair size removal company and looking to start a gift campaign for our clients, we want to create a doll called Mick the mover, these will become collectable items for our clients children, but we don’t know where to start
    We want a man doll to dress as an old fashioned removal man. Smock flat cap etc..
    Any ideas please
    Many thanks

  2. Hi Nigel,
    I would recommend a trip to your local knitting shop. They will be the best people to advise on patterns, yarn etc and I’m sure they’ll know a fabulous local knitter who would be able to create ‘Mick’. Good luck!

  3. Hi Aaliyah,
    So glad you like the patterns. We are launching kits very soon – in the week or so – so please keep checking in and we’ll announce when they’re ready. In the meantime you can by the book which includes all the patterns, or individual downloads here.

  4. Hi, I have purchased and downloaded the “My Rag Doll” ebook, movie and pattern.pdf. After taking it to my printer to have patterns enlarged 140%, I have a question?
    When the pattern piece is on a fold, do you increase that edge 1 cm? or is it only increased on edges where I am going to create a seam?

    Grandy (Intermediate sewer)