My Felt Doll | Free Felt Project

We are really excited to share with you this free felt project from Shelly Down’s fabulous new book, My Felt Doll.  These bunny slippers are one of our favourite accessories from the book, so lovely infact that we’ve considered making a life size pair for ourselves!

Free Felt Project


1. To make one little bunny slipper, you’ll need two soles cut from felt and one sole cut from cardstock, as well as a felt slipper top and flower petal. First, use your disappearing ink marker to transfer the dots, the X marking and the ruled lines shown on the patterns onto these felt pieces.

2. To make one slipper sole, squeeze a little blob of glue onto a scrap piece of paper, then use a cotton bud (Q-tip) to apply a thin layer to one side of the cardstock sole. Using the dots marked at the heel and toe as a guide for alignment, fix this slightly smaller cardstock sole on top of the outer felt sole.

3. Now apply a thin layer of glue onto the upper side of the cardstock sole and position the inner felt sole at the top of the pile, making sure everything is centered and the dots are aligned (see Fig D). Repeat with the second slipper and allow the glue on each to dry.

4. To finish both soles, simply blanket stitch around the edges of each (see Fig E).

My Felt Doll Free Project

5. To complete your first slipper, now blanket stitch around the edges of a felt slipper top, from dot A just below the bunny’s ear to dot B (see Fig F).

6. Embroider the eyes and nose of the bunny onto the slipper top. Then use your pink coloured pencil to add a bit of colour to the bunny’s cheeks and inner ear areas.

7. Now position the slipper top onto the sole, aligning the dot at the centre of the slipper top with the dot at the centre of sole, and pin in place. Working from the centre dot around to dot B, blanket stitch the slipper top onto the sole, then repeat on the other side (see Fig F).

Free Felt Project

8. Position the flower petal just below an outer bunny ear and sew in place, stitching a little seed bead at the centre (see Fig G).

9. Repeat Steps 5 to 8 to complete your other slipper (see Fig G).

Free Felt Project

My Felt DollPick up your copy of My Felt Doll for more fun felt projects and ideas today. Buy now and get the PDF eBook for free, or sew a cute little dolly with this adorable felt doll sewing kit – easy enough for children to make. If supplies are low, don’t forget we have a huge range of felt available in our online store!

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