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How many of us owe our love of craft to our mothers? I know I do! My mother taught me my first knitting stitches, showed me how to thread a sewing machine, fostered my love of baking and taught me the value of hoarding fabric scraps and other haberdashery supplies ready for a rainy day craft project. So, this mothers day, instead of making something for your mum in isolation, why not spend some quality time with her and do some mothers day crafts together on a mother-daughter craft day?

Playing the generation game

Some of the biggest names in craft today are mother and daughter teams, and these special relationships are worth celebrating! Crafting powerhouses like Pam and Nicky Lintott, the mother-daughter team behind The Quilt Room and successful Jelly Roll quilting books, and Lisa and Sarah Cox from A Spoonful of Sugar really do demonstrate the value of keeping it in the family when it comes to craft! Without our mums early encouragement, would we find half the joy in crafting that we do today? I very much doubt it!

mothers day crafts
Pam & Nicky Lintott run a successful quilting business together, and co-author bestselling quilting books.
mothers day crafts
Lisa and Sarah Cox keep their sewing and baking business in the family.


Mothers day crafts to make together

So, this mother’s day, give the gift of time with your mum, celebrating your love of handmade and enjoying a day together crafting, or maybe just a cheeky crafternoon! Laugh, bond and share your skills over one of the wonderful mothers day crafts suggested below!

Ceramic painting – visit a local studio/ceramics café, enjoy tea and cakes and decorate a teapot or two! Pick up your creations a week later, and swap, so you each have a handcrafted teapot from each other to treasure.

Candlemaking – raid your mum’s china cabinet or head to your local charity shop and find some old teacups to make teacup candles. Stock up on wax pastilles and wicks and have some fragrant fun together! Check out this great tutorial over on Scrap Hacker.

mothers day crafts


Homemade cosmetics – have a soapy session making your own body scrubs, lip balms, and natural skincare remedies. Make them in the morning, test them out in the afternoon in a mother-daughter pamper session – and then, when you’re preened and pampered, take her out on the town in the evening!

Cake decorating ­­– visit a local cake decorating class together or buy a kit and bake some loveliness together at home.

Customize a tote bag – buy or make a couple of plain tote bags and spend an afternoon decorating your own with fabric paint, ribbons, buttons and other embellishments. Swap at the end of the day so you each have something unique and special to use when shopping! I adore these simple printed totes spotted on the DaWanda blog (in German, but the images show the steps well!)

mothers day crafts


Decopatch – try out this great fun craft and decorate each other’s initial letter or whole name! With such a fantastic range of papers available, you’re spoiled for choice in the effects you can create! We love this beautiful embellished initial by Michelle Webb at The Hobby Room.

mothers day crafts


Scrapbooking – dig out the old photo albums and create some scrapped pages to treasure forever. Use papercraft embellishments and scrapbook papers to create stunning scrapbook designs – like this page from Luzma’s Gallery on – that you’ll want to share!

mothers day crafts

If there is nothing here that takes your fancy, just spend the day sharing and swapping your respective craft skills.  If your mum’s a dab hand at crochet, while cross stitch is your chosen craft – split the day in two and spend time learning skills from each other!

Whatever you do for your mothers day crafts, I’m sure the day will be full of laughter and will bring you closer together – which can only be a beautiful thing! And make sure you tell us all about it on our Facebook page or in the comments below.

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