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The lampshades in your home don’t have to be forgotten or unloved accessories! They can be stylish items to be proud of, if you take the time to make some yourself. Create a personalised lampshade using photographs, maps, postcards and other souvenirs full of memories…

memories lampshadeYou Will Need:

  • Plain lampshade ring, 50cm (20in) in diameter
  • Flat lampshade ring with smaller ring, 50cm (20in) in diameter
  • Self?adhesive backing material, 30 × 162cm (24 × 46½in)
  • Fairly thick linen panel, 30 × 168cm (12 × 65in)
  • PVC glue
  • Clothes pegs
  • Several images (e.g. maps, photographs, postcards, etc.)

Here’s how to make the memories lampshade…

1. Prepare the items for the windows. Arrange the items on the reverse of the linen panel, centre them and space out evenly along the length of the linen. Mark the outlines, then draw a frame on the reverse of the linen, 5mm (¼in) from the edges.

2. Cut each window, allowing for a turn-back of 1cm (?in) all the way around and for a neat edge. Make small cuts at each corner. Iron the turn-back towards the reverse.

3. Then line up each image in its position on the reverse of the linen and stick the self-adhesive backing material on top. Wipe a cloth from the centre towards the outside of each image to remove any air bubbles. Once the strip is finished, make a double turn-back of 1.5cm (?in) at each end and attach it using PVC glue.

4. Line up the double ring at the top and the plain ring at the bottom using clothes pegs. Close up the ring by sticking the two ends to each other.

5. Turn under the fabric over the rings at the top and bottom, making a double turn-back. Glue and hold in place with clothes pegs or by pressing together firmly (fast drying).

This project has been excerpted from 50 Thrifty DIY Lampshades.

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