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bright-eyesHannah Dale is a talented artist and sewer whose country roots have inspired some beautiful designs which have been turned into cross-stitch kits by Bothy Threads. 

We fell in love with Hannah’s cross stitch kits as soon as we saw them. The fluffy animals and detail in her work really caught our eye. We caught up with Hannah recently to find out about her artwork and how the cross-stitch kits came to be.

lovely-mum    1.  We adore your designs, they have a way of being fluffy even when painted and stitched! Where do you get the inspiration for your paintings?

Thank you!  I live in the countryside, so inspiration is always close at hand.  I have always loved drawing and painting animals, and I actually studied Zoology at university. So I think I tend to approach the subjects in a slightly different way from most artists.  We are so lucky to have such a huge variety of wildlife in Britain. I try to bring a little bit of the personality and character into each painting.

2. How did the relationship between your paintings and cross stitch kits come about?

sweet-tweet I was approached by Kate from Bothy Threads who had seen my work and thought that they would make lovely cross stitch – I’m so pleased that she saw the potential!  I’ve loved seeing my work interpreted in a different medium

3. Can you cross stitch, and if so, have you completed any of your designs?

 I have always loved all forms of art and craft. My mum first taught me to sew as a child and I definitely got the bug for ‘all things creative’ from her.  I haven’t yet had a chance to complete one of my own designs – I’m flat out at the moment creating new ones!  It’s definitely on my ‘to do’ list for when I have a bit of down time.first-kiss

4.  What is your all time favourite design and why?

I think my all time favourite piece is ‘The Afternoon Nap’ – it is a painting of three sleeping fox cubs and I just love it, they look so contented and peaceful. I am very critical of my own work and this is one of the few I can look at and smile, without noticing the bits I’d change!!

The Afternoon Nap

5.  And finally, can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I can play the drums!


We love all the Hannah Dale kits that come out and we know you do too. We have had more in and will continue to get more in so keep your eye peeled! Here are some that have come in since this post.

The Lookout Cross Stitch Kit Amongst the Foxgloves Cross Stitch Kit Highland Heathers Cross Stitch Kit

UPDATE: Hannah’s collection continues to grow! We have just had a new delivery of some of her latest kits from Bothy Threads and they keep getting better and better. The latest kits are a perfect kit for dog lovers.

Collie Cross Stitch Pug Cross Stitch Scottie Cross Stitch Beagle Cross Stitch

You can view Hannah Dale’s full collection of cross-stitch kits on our website now.

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