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If you want to make your own clothes but are struggling to get started, we’ve got the perfect solution to kick start your adventures into dressmaking! Read on to find out which patterns to start with and where to look for some expert advice…

Make your own clothes with The Beginner's Guide To DressmakingMaking your own clothing is incredibly satisfying and rewarding. Once you’ve learnt the basics, you’ll be able to create clothes that are uniquely tailored to you! I’m sure that if any of us had the choice between a bespoke garment made with our favourite fabrics or something generic off the rail in a high street store, we’d all opt to be original.

So why aren’t we all dressmaking? Why don’t we just whip up a dress whenever we fancy something new? Well, the answer undoubtedly lies in the amount of time and skill that we have. Looking through your wardrobe, you’d probably break into a sweat if asked to recreate anything in it – but start off with something simple and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. You’ll quickly build skills and be able to progress to create more complicated garments.

However, it’s easy to get frustrated by new techniques, as Wendy Ward explains in her new book The Beginner’s Guide To Dressmaking: “Beginners make quick progress because they’re starting from nothing and everything is new. When you have a few skills under your belt you need to practise those skills, and that’s when a lot of people give up. Please don’t you give up – the rewards will be worth the effort.”

The Beginner’s Guide To Dressmaking combines all of the essential techniques and good habits to turn you into a competent dressmaker, with inspiring projects for simple, unfussy clothes that you will actually want to wear. Inside you’ll find six simple patterns that are perfect for complete beginners, as well as loads of ideas for adapting and adding to the basic styles to really make them your own. Start with a basic T-shirt and then progressing into skirts, dresses, comfy trousers and even a zipped jacket, you’ll be creating an entirely new wardrobe of clothes before you know it!

Find out more about The Beginner’s Guide To Dressmaking and take a sneaky peek inside the book in our video:

Order your copy of The Beginner’s Guide To Dressmaking, or download the PDF eBook, for access to the patterns and instructions to create all of the garments shown above. Browse our fantastic range of fabrics to find the perfect design for your first project, and don’t forget to stock up on your co-ordinating sewing threads too. Or, for a step-by-step video tutorial for making a skirt, check out our gathered skirt video kit, which is available with a choice of two different fabrics.

The Beginner's Guide To DressmakingWould you like to make your own clothes? Comment below to tell us about your experiences with dressmaking and please share photos of your handmade clothing with us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and in our Project Gallery too.

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