How to Make a Macrame Bracelet

This elegant macrame bracelet by Dorothy Wood is made using half hitch knots, and large glass beads have been added for decoration. It would make a very stylish birthday gift for a friend or loved one – simply fill a gift box with tissue paper and add a bow on top!

You Will Need:

• Large-hole light blue glass bead
• Six 6mm antique silver round metallic beads
• Blue cotton cord

Here’s how to make the macrame bracelet…

1. Cut two lengths of cotton cord each measuring 30cm (12in), and one length measuring 150cm (60in). Take the two short lengths and tape at each end onto the work surface positioning them side by side. These are your ‘core’ cords.

2. Tie the longer length of cord around the two core cords using an overhand knot and taking care to make sure that the tails are the same length. Pass the left tail under the core cords and pull through leaving a largish loop on the left side of the core cords. Pass that tail over the tail on the right side.

3. Lift the right tail over the core cords and down through the loop on the left side. Pull the cords through to make a half hitch knot. Work several more knots to make a 1cm (?in) block of macrame.

4. Thread a silver bead onto the core threads. Take the tails either side of the bead and work another 2cm (¾in) block of macrame. Repeat twice.

5. Slide the large-hole glass bead onto the twisted cord. *Add a silver bead and work another 2cm (¾in) macrame block. Repeat from *.

6. Work 1cm (?in) of macrame to finish. Trim tails to 2cm (¾in). Remove the tape and form the bracelet into a round shape with the tails facing in opposite directions.

7. Tie a 30cm (12in) length of cord around the four core cords. Work a 2cm (¾in) length of macrame. Add drops of strong glue to secure the tails making sure the slider still slides. Tie the core threads together at each end. Trim tails once dry.

Macrame bracelet tutorial

This project has been excerpted from 101 Ways to Stitch Craft Create for all Occasions.

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