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Knickers CoverGood knickers are like a big smile… they make your cheeks go up! Oh, we have a lot more where that comes from. We’ve had a pun-filled couple of weeks in the office whilst creating this fabulous book along with Flo-Jo. It’s fun and flirty and finally we can give you a sneak peek of Knickers!



The authors, Delia Adey & Erika Peto, are the owners of Flo-Jo Boutique in Bristol. Founded in 2004 they have created ranges of retro children’s clothing, men’s shirts and 50’s inspired swing dresses. Today they focus on one-off pieces and and run workshops and parties to make knickers – how fun does that sound?Knickers details

They have put a range of their kits together into an eBook, so you can create your very own knickers of all shapes and sizes. The book is fab and all the pictures are taken in their shop in Bristol which is so stylish, if you get the chance to visit, you definitely should.

The book talks about which types of fabric are ideal to use when creating your knickers, which trims are best and why elastic is important – If you didn’t already know!

Cotton Original 

Knickers Cotton Original

This cotton original is the traditional knicker shape. They are really quick to make and if you already sew, you may find that you already have the fabric needed to make them from left over scraps of other clothing you have made. You’ve heard of matching your bras and pants, now you can match your outerwear with your underwear!


Knickers - Brazilian

These knickers have a slightly saucier cut to them. Oo la la! You can choose any light woven fabric to create them, something special perhaps! The finish on these are different to the other kits. It uses plain elastic and zig-zag stitching to create a frilled effect. You can also create a rolled hem if you have an over-locker.

Vintage Up-Cycle

Knickers - Vintage Up-Cycled

This project it particularly fun as you have to source a vintage silk scarf. There are so many beautiful vintage silk scarves out there that you may end up buying a few! This will give you a truly unique pair of knickers. Top Tip: When buying silk scarves look at the hem, a good indicator of silk is a hand stitched rolled hem. Polyester scarves tend to be machine stitched.

Which ever style of knicker you prefer, there is something for everyone in this super fun book. We also have a range of Flo-Jo knicker making kits available on our website. Don’t forget to show us your knickers (that you’ve made) on the comments below, on Facebook & on Instagram.

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