How to Make a Tilda Doll

We adore Tilda and, in particular, Tilda dolls whether it’s bathing belles, heavenly angels or vintage lovelies. We love the stylised shape, the carefully styled hair and the way they are designed to sit pretty on a shelf or window sill. If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of making one, read on: we’ve created the perfect guide for how to make a Tilda doll!


Tilda doll


Another wonderful thing about Tilda dolls is, of course, the fabric! Tilda fabrics make for the most beautiful doll dresses and angel robes. You can have such fun choosing fabric combinations if you just have a pattern or a book. If you buy a Tilda doll kit it comes complete with all the fabric and materials you need so you can guarantee your doll will be the best dressed in town!

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tilda summerfavourite handmade dolls - tilda angel

Making a Tilda doll can be more complicated than a standard rag doll but what results! In order to help you on your way to perfect doll making and to take the strain out of deciphering written instructions and patterns, we asked sewing supremo, Prudence Rogers, to create an instructional video detailing exactly how to make a Tilda doll from start to finish. This video tutorial will be relevant for any Tilda doll you have because they are all created with the same basic techniques. You will, however, need to refer to your particular pattern for specific details.

Of course, you don’t need a pattern at all – simply follow the video to make the perfect Tilda doll from scratch. Please let us know how you get on and share your photos with us on our Facebook page so we can all admire your work.




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