How To Ladder Stitch | Masterclass with Melanie McNeice

How to ladder stitchLadder stitch is an essential technique for making toys, as it is used for sewing up openings neatly. To find out how to sew a ladder stitch, as part of the Fun Of The Fair blog hop, we turned to author and toy-making expert Melanie McNeice for some advice…

Ladder stitch is used to attach parts to soft toys and also for closing turning gaps after adding the stuffing. So if you want to make neat and professional-looking soft toys, you’ll need to master this technique! To find out how to ladder stitch, read these simple instructions from Fun Of The Fair:

How to ladder stitchHow to ladder stitchAttaching parts

One of the uses for ladder stitch is to attach parts to soft toys. This method is usually used so that the attachment will either sit flat against or protrude from the stuffed toy. Follow the ladder stitch diagram for closing gaps, but make one stitch in the edge of the attachment, then make the next stitch in the body of the toy. The ladder stitches need to be sewn into the body following the shape of the attachment so that the attached part retains its shape.

Closing gaps

This stitch is also used to sew turning gaps closed and to attach quilt binding securely. Use ladder stitch to sew gaps closed in a neat, strong and nearly invisible way.

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