How To Frame In An Embroidery Hoop | Masterclass with Felicity Hall

Framing a stitched piece in an embroidery hoop is really simple and can be very effective, especially for circular designs. To find out how to frame in an embroidery hoop, we turned to Stitch Alphabets & Numbers by Felicity Hall for detailed instructions…

Stitch Alphabets and Numbers

It’s often difficult to decide how to frame a finished piece of work, but embroidery hoops have become a popular choice. Wooden embroidery hoops are best, but you can paint or stain them to add a splash of colour. If you’d like to learn how to frame in an embroidery hoop, follow these simple instructions taken from Felicity Hall’s book, Stitch Alphabets & Numbers:

how to frame in an embroidery hoop1. Take your chosen embroidery hoop and trace the inner edge of the outer hoop onto a piece of felt using a pencil (if you are using a dark colour, use a white pencil). Cut out using scissors, following the inside of the line.

2. Place the finished cross stitch over the inner hoop and securely cover with the outer hoop, making sure the cross stitch is neatly stretched and centred, smoothing out any wrinkles. Tighten up the nut.

3. Trim the edges of your cross stitch fabric, within 2–3cm (¾–1¼in) of the outer hoop. If you are worried about the edges fraying then you can oversew or use a seam sealant. Press in the edges using an iron, so that they are folded in towards the centre of the ring.

4. Place the felt circle cut earlier against the back of the hoop. Using a whip stitch, hand sew the backing fabric to the hoop, catching the needle in the cross stitch fabric and the backing as you go.

Felicity’s top tip: You can add colour and interest by wrapping the hoop with bias binding or strips of fabric.

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