Free Hand Knitting Patterns: 10 Fast and Fun Knitting Patterns

Free Hand Knitting Patterns

Surprise someone you love with a handmade knitted gift from this free hand knitting patterns eBook! You will find 10 fun and uplifting knitting patterns all in which you can finish in one day!

The pattern used in this Hand Knitting Patterns eBook follows from patterns found in Fast & Fun Knits by Clare Garland.  (David & Charles, 2011). Within this fun knitting eBook you will find over 10 fast and fun knitting patterns. You will find patterns and instructions for a Cozy Quilt, a Snuggle Pillow, Wrist-Length Mitts, 3/4 Length Mitts, Elbow Length Mitts, Slipper Socks, Ankle Socks, Long Socks, and even your very own mini, medium and large sized Monsters!

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Cozy Quilt is lovely as a lap quilt or a car quilt, the yarn trim is cloud soft.   Cozy Quilt hand knitting pattern

The Snuggle Pillow is super simple and very trendy no matter what colour you choose to knit it in. You can sew the knitted panel over an existing cushion or a bespoke one – the instructions for a basic fabric cushion are given here too!

free hand knitting pattern for mittensWe have added 3 different size knitted mitt patterns for each occasion. The Wrist-Length Mitts are perfect to keep in your handbag for those unexpected chills. 3/4 Length Mitts are perfect to wear with swing coats and capes, and the dramatic effect of the Elbow Length Mitts will add a touch of vintage-knitted glamour to any outfit.

We have also included 3 different sock sizes that you will love to wear again and again. The soft wool will feel simplRedSocks1y sweet on your feet and with the three sizes ranging from Slipper Socks to Ankle Socks to Long Socks , the sock knitting variations are endless!
free hand knitting patter monsterBut hand knitting patterns don’t always have to be something you wear or snuggle up in! Why not have your very own monster family? These adorable knitted monster patterns make perfect gifts for children and adults alike. They are so much fun to make you will want to make a new knitted monster every day!

This process of making yourself feel comforted and content by creating something from yarn is in essence the very nature of this free eBook. This is a ‘quick fix to happiness’ (all the projects are designed to be completed in a day), feel-good factor pattern book, where a warmth and sense of cheer and fun pervade every mood-boosting knitted project.

Along with this free Hand Knitting Patterns eBook collection you will also gain membership to our online community of people who actively enjoy a creative lifestyle, just like you. features hundreds of free projects and patterns to give you endless inspiration.

When you download this free knitting pattern eBook, you will get:

  • 10 easy, fun and fast hand knitting patterns all that can be made in a day
  • An excellent technique library to help teach you the basics
  • Step-by-step instructions and clear material definitions


Get this feel-good factor pattern book– download your FREE eBook now!

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