Flower Girl Hoop Embroidery Project

A darling flower girl project for hoop embroidery by hand, designed by Kirsty Neale. Perfect for any girl’s room, this adorable embroidered girl wears colourful flowers in her hair and her pink cheeks seem warmed by the sun. A great embroidery project for you to do by hand, learn fun techniques while making a sweet keepsake for someone you love.

Flower Girl Hoop Embroidery

You Will Need:

  • Grey and red stranded cotton (floss)
    We used DMC colours 413 and 304
  • Decorative tape
  • Flower punch


1. Stretch and secure the linen fabric in your embroidery hoop. Wrap decorative tape around the sides of the hoop, then fold over and press down onto the front edges to decorate.

2. Draw or trace a head and shoulders onto the fabric using a vanishing marker pen. Sew over the lines with backstitch, using just two or three strands of grey (DMC 413) to keep the lines fine and clear.

3. Punch out tiny flowers from a selection of coloured papers. Arrange them on your original drawing or tracing to make a fun flowered hat. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, lift them off one at a time, and fix each to your fabric with a single small cross stitch.

4. Trim away excess fabric at the back of your hoop. Cut a circle of felt to fit over the back, and glue it in place to hide the wrong side of your stitching.

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Ame Verso is the daughter of legendary cross stitch designer Jo Verso and has been cross stitching since the age of 10. She also sews and crochets and is the face of the SewandSo YouTube channel.