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Do you love the idea of an animal head to adorn your living room or crave the luxurious feel of a mink stole around your neck, but can’t quite stomach the reality? Capture the essence of stately home chic with the selection of kitsch knitting patterns inside Faux Taxidermy Knits

Faux Taxidermy KnitsFrom the cute and quirky to the wild and wacky, this tongue-in-cheek collection of animal knitting patterns is unique to say the least! The trend for faux taxidermy has spread from imitation animal heads for your home to fun accessories for you to wear out and about, and this book has it all covered.

Faux Taxidermy Knits is written by Louise Walker, who is well known for her unusual knitting! She was first recognised for her series of knitted wigs (Woolly Heads) and has gone on to specialise in knitted animals.

Faux Taxidermy KnitsYou’ll find a host of animal knitting patterns inside the book, all inspired by classic taxidermy items. The accessories range from the fabulous fox stole (shown on the front cover) and pretty polar bear paw mittens to a raccoon hat, a crocodile make-up bag and an impressive wolf headdress. There are also a range of knitted animals for your home, including a moose head to give your dining room a sense of grandeur, pheasants to hang in the kitchen and a tiger rug to cosy up by the fire.

If you love unusual knitting, or have been inspired by the trend for faux taxidermy, this is the book for you! The projects will be admired by adults and children alike, and there’s a range of designs to suit all skill levels.

Order your copy of Faux Taxidermy Knits now or download the PDF eBook version to get knitting instantly! Browse our fanatastic range of yarns and, for more quirky knitting projects, check out our downloadable knitting patterns. To find out more about Louise Walker, visit her Sincerely Louise blog.

Which of the animal knitting patterns from Faux Taxidermy Knits will you make first? Comment below to tell us what you think of the book, and please share photos of your knitted animals with us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and in our Project Gallery too.

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