DMC Stitchbow Thread Storage | How It Works

DMC stitchbow tutorialThe DMC stitchbow is a handy accessory that has revolutionised the way we organise skeins of stranded cotton. This inexpensive tool for storing threads has so many clever features that it’s worth a mention…

To use your DMC stitchbow, simply place the loop at one end of the skein around the hook at the top of the DMC stitchbow. Remove the skein band (but don’t throw this away!) and loop the other end of the skein around the hook at the bottom of the DMC stitchbow to secure in place. Place the skein band on the arm of the DMC stitchbow.

Once a skein is in place on your DMC stitchbow, the thread unwinds easily to the required length, with no chance of creating knots. The handy arm for the skein band ensures that the colour of each thread is always easily identifiable.

One customer who uses the stitchbows said “I have been using these for many years and they are absolutely brilliant!They leave the thread flatter than traditional bobbins and are tidier to store! I am so pleased with how quick and easy they are to wind (just slip each end of the skein on) which is very useful when you’ve got a lot to do! Hopefully they’ll be around for a long time to come!!!”

DMC stitchbow folder

You can store all your stitchbows in a handy DMC skein storage folder and DMC transparent file inserts, offering a complete storage system for your threads. This simple bit of kit is so handy for carrying projects on the go. It means your skeins of thread stay organised and don’t get tangled up and are easily identifiable. It crazy to think such a small bit of equipment can make such a difference.

A pack of 10 DMC stitchbows and theDMC transparent file inserts andDMC skein storage folder comes to less than £8 so it’s worth trying these clever tools for yourself. 

Have you used stitchbows before? We’d love to see if you have any other clever storage solutions for them. Let us know by commenting below or tagging us on social media using #SewandSo

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