Cute Knitted Heart Pattern

This sweet little knitted heart pattern by Dorothy Wood is so cute, we thought a string of these would be perfect for baby’s room. Use bright exciting colours for a fresh and fun effect, or use light pinks and reds for a pretty gift for that someone special.

knitted heart patternYou Will Need:

Knitted Heart Pattern Directions:

1. Knit two hearts following the pattern below:

Using 4mm knitting needles and lime yarn cast on 2sts.

Row 1: (WS) Knit, purl to end.

Row 2: (RS) Increase by knitting into the front and back (kf&b) of both of the stitches on the needle. (4sts)

Row 3: Purl to end.

Row 4: Kf&b of 1st st, knit to last st, kf&b. (6sts)

Row 5: Purl to end.

Repeat rows 4 and 5 until 18sts.

Knit 6 rows stocking stitch.

*Knit 9 and turn, purl to end of row.

K2tog tbl, knit to last 2sts k2tog.


Repeat last 2 rows to 3sts rem, cast off knit wise on the purl side.

Rejoin yarn and work the other half of the heart from * to match

2. Block the knitted hearts by lightly steam pressing on the reverse side. Using lime yarn and a blunt needle, sew together around the edges leaving a gap on a straight side. Stuff with chopped up scrap yarn or stuffing. Sew the gap closed.

3. Draw 2cm (¾in), 3cm (11?8in) and 4cm (1½in) diameter circles onto three different colours of felt.

4. Cut out the felt circles; use pinking shears to cut out the middle circle just outside the marked line. Layer the felt onto the stuffed heart shape. Unravel some yarn and use two strands to sew through the felt and heart out the other side. Sew back through the felt. Tie at the front and trim the ends. Sew a length of yarn at the ‘V’ of the heart at the top. Tie the yarn ends together and trim.

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3 thoughts on “Cute Knitted Heart Pattern

  1. Hello, looking for some guidance on this adorable pattern. After I knit 9 and turn, purl to end of row, I don’t understand how to work the next two rows:

    K2tog tbl, knit to last 2sts k2tog.


    If I follow along, I don’t have two separate “humps” – I only have a single row with a hole where the work was turned.

    Would love to know how to do this for Valentine’s Day. Thank you!

    1. Hi, Apologies, it appears there is a line missing from the pattern.

      I have now updated the pattern which has the following added:

      (this bit was in the pattern) Repeat last 2 rows to 3sts rem, cast off knit wise on the purl side.

      (this bit has been added) Rejoin yarn and work the other half of the heart from * to match