Cross Stitch Techniques

Here you can learn all about the various cross stitch techniques, tips and tricks to help you get the most from your crafts. From counted cross stitch and embroidery to needlework and tapestry, we will help you conquer everything from the basic cross stitches to mounting your designs onto a card.

Starlite Aida

Iridescent Aida | When To Use It

Find out how to add a bit of sparkle to your stitching and which designs work best with Iridescent Aida… This sparkling Aida works well for a wide range of projects, but it’s particularly popular for Christmas. The glittery effect creates the perfect background for snowy winter scenes and festive motifs, so it’s great for…

How to sew a French knot

How To Sew A French Knot

If you’re serious about cross stitch, you’ll need to know how to sew a French knot. To help you master this skill, here’s some helpful advice from Jane Greenoff’s book, The New Cross Stitcher’s Bible… French knots are small but important little stitches, often used for eyes and other details. They are usually shown as…

How to cross stitch tutorial

How To Cross Stitch | Basic Stitches

I’m constantly amazed by the number of people who consider cross stitch to be a complicated craft. It is, in fact, incredibly easy to get started as there are only a few simple stitches involved! Find out how to cross stitch with our handy guide… Cross stitch is so versatile: not only can you create…