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Cross Stitch Design Software

Have you ever wished you could design your own cross stitch charts? Well, 2016 might be your year because we’ve just launched some exclusive cross stitch design software that we know you’re going to love! And what’s more, we’re hosting a free web seminar to tell you all about it and show you the ropes!

Cross Stitch Designer from is a fantastic package that will allow you to create professional looking needlework charts quickly and easily using your Windows PC and printer. The program contains all of the tools, features and functions to create the highest quality designs suitable for working in cross stitch, tapestry, blackwork, Hardanger and other needlework styles.

The most flexible and user-friendly cross stitch design program available, Cross Stitch Designer will allow you to create charts from photos and design your own patterns, samplers, cards, motifs and borders using your own creativity or using a built-in library of over 4,000 motifs!

Cross Stitch Design Software

With hundreds of amazing features, this powerful cross stitch design software will change the way you approach your stitching forever – allowing you to create your own unique designs rather than slavishly following others’ charts.

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If you’ve always wanted to have a go at creating your own cross stitch designs – whether just for fun or to fulfil a dream of becoming a professional cross stitch designer – this program is for you. With minimal drawing skills you will be creating stunning and effective results in very little time.

Cross Stitch Design Software

While all this is fantastically exciting, here at SewandSo we appreciate that learning a new computer program can be daunting and so we’re hosting a lunchtime webinar to walk you through the basic features and functions, showing you the main tools and how to use them. You’ll learn enough in this webinar to get started on your journey to designing your own charts using cross stitch design software! The webinar will take place on Google Hangouts on Tuesday 26 January 2016 at 13.00 GMT and will last around an hour with opportunity to ask questions.
You can now view the webinar below.

Would you like more handy tips and tricks?

Head over to our YouTube channel and view two playlists that give you all the information you need to become a cross stitch designer pro. We have one playlist that has been made by Maria Diaz and another playlist by our Editor Ame, who help you find your way around the software.

Exciting update! The Cross Stitch Designer Software is now available in CD-Rom version.

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About Ame

Ame Verso is the daughter of legendary cross stitch designer Jo Verso and has been cross stitching since the age of 10. She also sews and crochets and is the face of the SewandSo YouTube channel.

35 thoughts on “Cross Stitch Design Software | Free Webinar

    1. Hi Judith, The webinar will be available on our YouTube channel following the live event. If you want to watch live and participate in the Q&A you would need to be logged in though. Ame

  1. I have tried out a couple of design packages in the past. My main problem with them is that there was no ‘undo’ facility apart from the last input. So if you wanted to remove a whole motif, border or whatever, you had to start again. Could you tell me please what the editing facilities are in this one?

    1. Hi Sue – this software has a multiple level undo system – this lets you step back stitch by stitch if you make a mistake. You can also select specific motifs or areas of the design to delete without having to start over. It has the best editing capabilities of any software available! Ame

  2. Hi,can the software be used to create charts from photos or other artwork ? I don’t draw but do wish I could stich some quirky little things I see from time to time. Helen

    1. Hi Helen – absolutely yes! The software includes advanced image importing facilities allowing images such as scanned photographs, clip-art, digital camera pictures and internet graphics to be instantly converted into stitch charts, with colours matched to any chosen thread range and print symbols automatically allocated. It’s easy to make charts from almost any source using the built in wizard which leads you through each of the steps to turn your favourite picture into a ready to stitch design. Ame

  3. I’ll be working when the webinar is taking place but am looking forward to watching it on YouTube. If I decide to use it to make charts to sell, or to stitch up pieces to then sell, are there any problems with this? – in particular could I use the motifs already set up in the program as part of my design?

  4. I currently use Jane Greenoff Gold to create charts. Can charts created on that package be imported into this new one? When creating a new chart and selecting threads are these arranged in numerical order or in colour groups?


    1. Hi Mark – you can import any image into this software, so would think this would be possible yes, but I would be happy to test this for you before you buy if you want to send me a test sample? You can arrange threads in many different ways including by brightness and by numerical order. Ame

      1. I will send a sample through, thanks. What email address do you want it sent to (you can email me directly with this if you don’t want it to appera on here).


  5. I’m really looking forward to watching yesterday’s webinar & interested in buying the software. I can’t find it on YouTube, please could you give me a copy of the link? Thanks

      1. Thanks! I really enjoyed the webinar & am ready to buy the download – I don’t know if i missed it in the webinar but the email I received said you’d be announcing a 10% off discount code for the software? Can you advise?

  6. Having watched the exciting demo on YouTube please let me know –
    1. Will this work on Windows Vista?
    2. If I replace my computer in the future is it possible to reload the programme on the new computer?

    1. Hi Sue, yes the software is compatible with all versions of Windows. The download link will remain in the My Account area of your Sewandso online account, so if you change your computer you will be able to download the installer to the new machine. Ame

  7. Hi, I am so interested in converting photos to x stitch, and this sounds perfect.
    My question is. I have the Air 2 IPad and a wireless printer/scanner/photocopier
    that I also bought from Apple shop so they work together. Can this program work without computer but with a tablet? Thank-you Jayne

    1. Hi,

      Blackwork – 300 Blackwork fills included, you can also design your own and save them to the library.

      Hardanger – Includes kloster blocks, dove’s eyes and other Hardanger stitches, but if what you’re looking for isn’t here you can design your own stitches and save them to the library.

      Hope this helps!

      Many thanks