Create the Magic of Disney in Cross Stitch

The American artist, Thomas Kinkade, is known for his scenes of bucolic beauty and idyllic landscapes. It has been reported that one in 20 American homes owns a print of one of his original paintings – a bit like Constable in the UK.

In 2008 Kinkade announced a major collaboration with the Disney brand to release a series of paintings inspired by the work of one of his childhood heroes, Walt Disney. This collection was called the Disney Dreams Collection and has proved to be incredibly popular amongst Disney fans and Kinkade collectors.

The artist prided himself on the ‘capturing memories’ in his paintings and described the Disney Dreams Collection as: ” … celebrating great moments from Walt Disney Films. I call these paintings “narrative panoramas” because each painting tells the entire story of the film in one image.



Kinkade described himself as a ‘Painter of Light’ and all of his paintings do seem to glow, whether it’s the street lights illuminating the famous landmarks of London while Peter Pan flies overhead with Wendy, or the lights inside the tiny cottage in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.



If you are a fan of Disney imagery you can stitch your own magical scenes and recreate the magic of Disney in cross stitch with these kits based on the Disney/Kinkade paintings.  Choose from your favourite film whether it’s Beauty and the Beast; Peter Pan; Snow White or Cinderella.




What’s your favourite Disney film? Let us know which image captures your childhood Disney memories best.


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6 thoughts on “Create the Magic of Disney in Cross Stitch

  1. I always loved the scene where Bambi sees the raindrops falling, the scene where he meets up with his father the stag during the forest fire and also the image of Malificent arriving uninvited at the christening of Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. These memories are very vivid from my childhood, as I was brought up with Disney films which still fill me with happiness.