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Knitting is often all about garments and accessories, but Lauren O’Farrell is leading the way when it comes to contemporary knitting that’s more about having fun! Her latest book, Stitch New York, is the perfect example of how knitted projects can be cute, quirky and slightly insane!

Stitch New YorkStitch New York is a unique knitting book that shows you how to knit all of the most famous people and places in New York – the city that never sleeps. The book is brilliantly written by Lauren O’Farrell who was inspired by city chicks who don’t like rules but love knitting. With clever tips and techniques, the projects are simple enough for beginners, yet fun enough to inspire more seasoned knitters!

To help you find your bearings, there are a few knitty NYC landmarks by which to navigate the sprawling metropolis, and a set of woolly wheels to get you where you need to go. Little Lady Liberty gives a woolly wave with her fibre-based flaming torch; a small but stately Squishy Empire State nods wisely from above; and a Small Yellow Taxi waits impatiently to zoom you through the gritty grid of city streets.

Stitch New YorkLauren gives an insight into her research behind the book: “Stitch New York was hatched from the New York we see shining from the silver screen (I stitched and scribbled my way through over 80 New York movies), five days of running about Manhattan and Brooklyn meeting New York knitters, and from the endless helpful hints of New York know-it-alls on the internet”. She endured all of this so that you can breakfast with Handmade Holly Golightly, knit neurotic Woolly Woody Allen, or pretend to munch your way through a giant Big Bad Burger.

Stitch New York guerilla gardeningThe book also includes innovative graffiti knitting ideas with a unique cross over to guerrilla gardening. The Blooming Bug and Woolly Wildflower projects combine nature, knitting and a large helping of naughtiness! They are designed to encourage the rejuvenation of urban or neglected landscapes with fun seed bombs and upcycled planters.

Lauren O’Farrell is the founder and leader of Stitch London; a feisty knitting group, now the largest in the UK, which has won awards and acclaim for its fresh, contemporary approach to knitting. Lauren has loads of great free knitting patterns to browse on her website, and you can keep up with her latest yarn adventures on Twitter!

Stitch New YorkTake a look at Lauren O’Farrell’s latest book Stitch New York for even more kooky knitted projects. Or check out the individual knitting patterns, available as PDF downloads! Don’t miss Lauren’s Stitch London too, full of British-themed projects to inspire you, from a classic Red Telephone Box to a knitted Union Jack for your bag! So, grab some yarn and get knitting in the city!

Which is your favourite project from Stitch New York? Have you knitted your very own miniature Empire State Building or a Handmade Holly Golightly? Leave a comment below or post a photo of your city knitting projects on our Facebook page!

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