Handmade Christmas Pudding Tree Decorations

These sweet Christmas pudding tree decorations designed by Sue Trevor look good enough to eat. With pretty felt leaves and berries and yummy looking stitches, this handmade decoration makes a festive gift to be enjoyed every Christmas season.

To make these Christmas pudding tree decorations, you will need:

christmas pudding tree decorations


1. Cut one 23cm (9in) diameter circle and one 4cm (1½in) diameter circle from brown felt. Using the templates, cut three holly leaves from green felt and one icing piece from white felt.

2. Hand sew the white icing piece to the centre of the large brown circle using white sewing thread. Make a hanging loop with red stranded cotton by sewing through the middle of the icing and back through again, then knotting the ends together on the inside.

3. Hand sew around the large brown circle with running stitch, about 3mm (1?8in) from the edge, using brown sewing thread. Pull your stitches tightly to gather the felt as you go.

4. With the needle and thread on the outside, stuff the felt with polyester wadding and pull the gathers tightly to form a spherical pudding shape. Stitch at the bottom to hold in place. Neatly sew the smaller circle of felt over the base to finish.

5. Embroider the centre of the holly leaves with running stitch using green sewing thread. Sew the holly leaves and red felt embellishments to the top using the red stranded cotton and green sewing thread.

Have a go at making these and let us know how you get on in the comments below, or tag your makes on social media with #SewandSo. For more handmade Christmas ideas visit our Christmas shop!

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