8 Lovable Cross Stitch Dogs

They say a dog is a mans best friend and it is so easy to see why. These incredibly cute dog portraits bring a huge smile to my face.

Below are our top dogs of the moment. Click on any cross stitch dog below to browse the kits and charts in store.

1.Jack Russell Dog Cross Stitch

Jack Russell Dog Cross Stitch kit

This little guy looks ever so fancy in his winter gear doesn’t he? I particularly love the detail in his eyes, they are so striking.

2. Football Dog Cross Stitch kit

Football dog cross stitch kit

Every pet has a favourite toy and this dog looks so happy to have his football. The kit is just 3 inches in diameter, so a lovely little kit for a beginner.

3. Patchwork Dog Cross Stitch Kit

Patchwork dog cross stitch kit

Who can resist this adorable dachshund ablaze with colourful patches and a cute wagging tail. This design would make the perfect gift for any dog lover, but particularly one who is partial to a sausage dog!

4. Morning Dog Cross Stitch kit

Morning Dog

Those eyes! They are the true meaning of puppy eyes. This little Bassett Hound does not want to get out of bed and we can all relate to that. The kit would make a comical gift for a dog lover who you know hates mornings.

5. Westie Dog Cross Stitch Kit 

Westie dog cross stitch kit

Cute is an understatement indeed. This little Westie looks ready for a party with his hat and bow-tie on. It would be a delight to stitch this.

6. Dogs of Duckport Cross Stitch Kit

Dogs of duckport

These happy looking pooches look ready to play. Created in a cartoon style by Janlynn they would look lovely framed and hung on your wall.

7. Creative Dog Cross Stitch Kit

Creative dog

We can all relate to this cross stitch kit. I can picture my craft space at the moment and the look my husband gives me when I am rummaging through it. I’d hang this in my craft area as a constant reminder to him!

8. Lazy Dogs Cross Stitch Kit

Lazy dogs cross stitch kit

After a tough day of playing these dogs need rest! Stitch this on an evening when you are cuddled up on the sofa, surrounded by your beloved dogs.

What are your favourite dog cross stitch kits? Let us know by commenting below, or tagging us in photos of your projects on social using #SewandSo.


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