8 Floral Cross Stitch Kits We Think Are Blooming Marvellous

No matter the season, flowers are always around. Whether is Sunflowers in the summer, Dahlias in the autumn, Tulips in the spring or Snow Drops in winter: there is no getting away from their beauty.

We love stitching flowers as much as we like pruning them in the garden or seeing them in the wild. So, we decided to share eight of our favourite floral cross stitch kits with you.

1. Floral Study on Black Aida


This study of flowers is striking. Because of the black Aida, the colours in the flowers really pop and stand out.

2.  Passion Flower Angel


Stitch this adorable little girl dressed as an angel, making a floral wreath for her hair amongst a meadow.

3. Blackwork Sunflower


The detail is in the petals with this blackwork Sunflower. Subtle hints of yellow bring the petals to life while the green leaf patterns in the leaves give it a textured look.

4. Summer Wild flowers


The flowers in this cross stitch kit come alive with the insects nestled within them, flying around as they collect the sweet nectar.

5. Winter Garden


How idyllic does this look? A chocolate box house in the countryside surrounded by snow covered fields. You can just imagine everyone sat inside by a nice open fire. You’d feel ever so wintery sat stitching this kit.

6. Roses Make-Up Bag


Stitch yourself something you will use every day. The zip is already sewn in, so all you have to do is stitch the design and then sew the side seams.

7. Bouquet of Love


From DMC, this floral cross stitch  intertwines different flowers to create a lovely heart motif. This would look lovely framed.

8.  He & She


Stitched in a lovely watercolour style is would be lovely as a piece of art for a newlywed couple.

Which are you favourite florals to stitch? Show us your makes by commenting below or tagging us on social media using #SewandSo

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