10 Majestic Queens in Cross Stitch

There is something quite grand about stitching a Queen. Seeing their stunning gowns come together and stitching their dazzling jewellery.

Here we show you our top 10 Queen’s to stitch. Whether it is a fairy Queen, the Queen of Hearts of Her Royal Highness, there is a chart to suit all tastes.

1. Celtic Autumn Chart

Queens in cross stitch

Intricate Celtic motifs have been worked in the colours of autumn for this gorgeous kit. You can embellish it with a variety of coordinating beads form the frame which stands behind this elegant emissary of autumn. Her hair is sun-kissed with honey highlights and adorned with flowers. Metallics rise from the hem of her dress, reaching pools of purple, lavender, and gold.

2. The Gypsy Queen

Queens in cross stitch

This Gypsy Queen looks ever so fancy with her long draping dress and her beautiful jewellery. What a life to lead, it would be a lot of fun to stitch her.

3.  The Snow Queen 

Queens in cross stitch

This floss woven woman was inspired by winter storms and Danish fairy tales. Patterns of beads and sparkling stars adorn her heavy cloak. Her trusty Reindeer companion is equally adorned in festive winter swirls and dripping crystal beads. She looks so strong and graceful doesn’t she?

4. The Raven Queen

Queens in cross stitch

This Queen is full of gothic glamour. With her plunging neckline on her fishtail dress, she looks like she is thinking up a punishment for someone who has wronged her.

5. Queen Annes Lace

Queens in cross stitch

This design is considered to be a masterpiece of stitching. The gown is regally done in cream and sea blue brocades using #4 Kreinik braid.

6. Winter Queen Chart

Queens in cross stitch

Regal in pale periwinkle blue satin against a serene white background, this cool beauty’s upswept hair is decorated with purple violets beneath a beaded coronet. White ermine trims her elegantly draped gown, and strands of blue beads lend an opulent touch to her hem. If you find beauty in a clear, quiet, blue-skied January day, you’ll love our Winter Queen.

7. Titania, Queen of the Fairies Chart

Queens in cross stitch

The companion to Nora Corbett’s 1997 “A Midsummer Night’s Fairy,” Titania harks from the same enchanted, misted wood. Resplendent in a simple rosebud crown and a pair of golden, gauzy, gorgeous wings, she perches upon a tiny limb and offers these words from Shakespeare to all who lovingly stitch her sumptuous rose and coral gown: “Hand in hand, with fairy grace, will we sing and bless this place.”

8. Queen Cross Stitch Kit

Queens in cross stitch

Created in the classic playing card style this queen is the most regal of the cards; the Queen of Hearts. Bought to life in Alice in Wonderland she is feared and loved all at the same time!

9. Queen of Diamonds Chart Book

Queens in cross stitch

This photo-like chart is quite striking wouldn’t you agree? Her headdress gives her a sense of power. This chart would be a lot of fun to stitch and see it come together.

10. Queen Elizabeth II Cross Stitch Kit

Queens in cross stitch

We couldn’t give you a list of Queen’s without giving you a kit of Our Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Stitch her and put her pride of place in a frame for all to see.

Which Queens have you stitched? Will you be stitching any of these kits and charts? Let us know by commenting below or by showing us your projects on social media using #SewandSo

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